CV2 Rapid Charger Kit

Do you need to recharge your lithium battery rapidly- like between passes at the dragstrip?  Do you have one of our 16v Race batteries?  The CV2 is a perfect solution for rapid charging of Full Spectrum Power lightweight batteries. Capable of supplying up to 10 amps with a .1v accuracy, this laboratory quality charger is ideally suited for racers who need the most powerful charger available and/or have a 16v Race battery. 

Each CV2 charger kit comes packaged in a durable weatherproof protective case.  The kit also comes with custom lead harnesses to connect the charger & battery via anderson connectors.

Additional Information

Weight 4lbs
Dimensions 170 x 240 x 85mm

The CV2 is continuously variable for voltage from 1-30v in .1v increments. It is fully adjustable in current delivery. Just set the voltage/amperage to your desired levels and let the CV2 recharge your battery. When the battery is charged, the CV2 will stop supplying current!