Lightweight Battery Questions

December 03, 2012

This weekend, the Full Spectrum Power crew spent some time filming video at the shop. I am going to post a series of videos where I talk about every aspect of using lightweight batteries in vehicles. We get lots of questions about lightweight batteries, which we have covered on our FAQ page, but talking about them on video is often a better way to get your point across.

When you work around this stuff every day, it becomes even more difficult to talk about, because you get really accustomed to speaking in technical terms and shorthand, when discussing our products. With these videos, I have tried to explain things in exactly the same way that I speak to customers who call us asking for advice.

What are we going to cover in the videos? Well, pretty much everything. There is a great deal of incorrect information out there about lightweight batteries, and we spend a lot of time simply correcting bad information. A few examples are, “Can you use a battery tender on a lithium battery?”, and “Aren’t all lightweight batteries the same?" I hope you watch and comment on these topics as the answers are interesting, and I provide clear, concise information to back up the answers.

So, stay tuned for regular posts discussing all aspects of lightweight batteries.

If you have questions about lightweight batteries, please send them to us so we can respond with video.

Answering questions about lithium motorcycle batteries