About Full Spectrum Power

In 2009, Full Spectrum Power pioneered the use of performance lithium motorcycle batteries. Since then, Full Spectrum Power equipped machines have gone on to win more races and championships than all other lithium batteries combined.

This is not an accident. 

14 years later, we continue to define the leading edge in performance lithium battery development and manufacturing. 

Full Spectrum Power is a dedicated lithium battery business. Our singular focus is designing and building the world's best performance lithium engine start batteries. Our products are designed and manufactured here, in our Virginia facility, with one goal in mind: winning.

We build batteries for all types of performance and racing vehicles; from a 125cc dirt bikes, to 959ci nitrous pro-mods, we have a world class battery for your vehicle. We also have the experience to help you choose the right battery for your specific application. Experience based on 14 years of working with the worlds best racers, across every discipline of racing. From land speed to road racing; from circle track to drag racing; from supercross to hill climb- if you have a race machine, we have a battery for you.