Full Spectrum Power Lightweight Lithium Motorcycle Battery Warranty

Full Spectrum Power builds the world’s best performance lithium racing and motorsports batteries. Our team of enthusiasts are as dedicated to creating amazing products, as you are to the vehicles you’ll use them in.

Every battery is individually subjected to rigorous and demanding quality control standards to ensure that they meet the needs of our customers.

Our warranty is limited to manufacturer’s defects and does not cover abuse, misuse or incurred external physical damage as outlined below.

Performance lithium batteries are long lasting consumables. The lifespan of a performance lithium battery is directly related to it's care and maintenance; proper care and maintenance will prolong it's useful lifespan, and lack of care and maintenance will reduce it's lifespan.


Full Spectrum Power, LLC (Hereafter referred to as “Manufacturer”) offers a Limited Three-year Warranty on its batteries (hereafter referred to as “Battery”) to be free of defects in material and workmanship. This applies to performance lithium batteries for power sports and automotive engine start applications.

The Applicable Warranty Period begins from the date of purchase with original receipt. Batteries determined to meet the conditions of this warranty will, at the sole discretion of the Manufacturer, be repaired or replaced with a product of equal value, should adjustment be necessary due to defects in material or workmanship. Batteries for warranty consideration are to be returned to Full Spectrum Power directly. All returns for warranty consideration must include an RMA number issued by Full Spectrum Power.


Full Spectrum Power bears no responsibility to, nor liability for any damage which may occur as a result of use or misuse of Battery. Manufacturer has no obligation under the limited warranty herein, in the event the Battery is damaged or destroyed as a result of one or more of the conditions outlined in this warranty document. This limited warranty applies only to the original purchaser of the Battery.

The following conditions may void warranty:

  • Failure to properly install the Battery and shield terminal from other metal objects which will ground or short the battery.
  • Over-torquing of battery terminal connections, or stripping of threads in terminal resulting in damaged plastics.
  • If Battery is subjected to willful abuse, misuse, physical damage, or neglect. This includes batteries drained below 10V (13.2V batteries) or 14V (16.4V batteries)
  • If Battery is used in series configuration. (26.4v start system)
  • If Battery is submerged in water or other liquid.
  • If Battery is charged in excess of 14.6V (13.2V batteries) or 17.8V (for 16.4V batteries)
  • If Battery is charged with chargers not specifically designed for use with LiFiPO4 batteries.
  • Exposing the Battery to any type of solvent, alcohol, detergent, strong acids, ammonia solution, or other chemical which can damage the protective plastics.
  • If Battery shows signs of tampering or attempted repair by anyone other than  Full Spectrum Power.
  • If Battery is damaged due to fire, collision, explosion, vandalism, theft, penetration, or opening of the Battery case in any manner.
  • If Battery is used in an application requiring higher cranking power or greater reserve rating than the Battery is designed to deliver.


For warranty claim consideration, all batteries must be returned to Full Spectrum Power accompanied by a copy of Original Receipt. If the battery is determined to be replaced under warranty, initial shipping charges of $10.00 maximum will be incurred by the customer. Include a receipt of ground shipping charges with the Battery. If the Manufacturer deems the Battery is to be a warranty repair or replacement, a refund of the Customer’s initial shipping charges will be included with the warranty replacement battery. In cases where Full Spectrum Power products are purchased within the United States but delivered to countries outside the United States, shipping charges will apply for warranty-replacement cases.

The warranty is a prorated policy, divided into five (5) periods from the date of original purchase. Coverage is as follows

Month 1 – 12 13 – 24 24-36
Discount from MSRP 100% 50% 25%


For warranty consideration please ship Battery to Full Spectrum Power via UPS or FedEx ONLY. DO NOT use USPS for warranty returns. Battery must be shipped in the original box, or package of equivalent strength and security to ensure compliance with applicable laws and regulations. For your protection, we recommend that returns are sent with tracking information.

Documentation must be included in the box, must be legible, and must consist of the following information:

  • Sender’s name
  • RMA Number issued by Full Spectrum Power
  • Return address for shipping
  • Preferred contact method (phone and/or email)
  • A clear description of the issue, and additional details if applicable

Address for warranty returns:
Full Spectrum Power
Attn: Returns
350 Calvert Avenue
Alexandria, VA 22301

If the Battery is determined by Full Spectrum Power, in its sole discretion, to be defective in material or workmanship under the terms of this limited warranty, it will be repaired or replaced with a comparable product.

Products found NOT defective after testing by Full Spectrum Power will be returned at the customer’s expense.


Any merchandise in “new” and unopened condition which was originally purchased via the Manufacturer’s website may be returned to Full Spectrum Power within 7 days of purchase. A 20% restocking fee will be charged on all returned merchandise. Shipping charges will be incurred by the customer.

Merchandise must be accompanied by a copy of original receipt or order number and all original packaging in "new" condition.

For “as new” returns to other sellers, please consult your seller for their terms.


Occasionally, items shipped can be damaged during transit. We want to make sure that any product damaged during transit is rectified by the responsible party. Any item damaged in transit must be reported to the Shipper (UPS or FedEx) and Full Spectrum Power (or dealer) IMMEDIATELY upon receipt of package. All original packaging must be retained until further notice from Full Spectrum Power (or dealer). In such cases, Full Spectrum Power (or dealer) will contact the customer with instructions, after consulting with the shipping agent.