March 05, 2017

When HSBK Aprilia decided to return to the premier domestic roadrace series in the USA- MotoAmerica- they chose Full Spectrum Power as a Technical Partner.

Why? Simple; we have the best lithium motorcycle battery available. Our in house design and manufacturing gives us complete control of our product quality, and our years of experience in every form of motorcycle racing has made our Pulse batteries the best lightweight lithium motorcycle batteries available.

Full Spectrum Power Pulse P2 lithium motorcycle battery installed in Claudio Corti's HSBK Aprilia RSV4RF

Going back to their time at the club race level, we have supported HSBK Racing with our products and technical support. As Ive pointed out many times on our blog, there is a lot of mis-information on the internet about the differences between lithium motorcycle batteries from the various manufacturers, and even more bad advice offered about the proper care of a lithium motorcycle battery. As the recognized leader in this area, we are able to provide answers to every question about these products, and how they should be used and maintained.

HSBK Aprilia racing workspace.

Beyond batteries, we continually test and measure charging systems and related components of every motorcycle we can get our hands on. Because of this obsession with building the best lithium motorcycle batteries on Earth, we can also help optimize your charging system and wiring harness. That is one of the main reasons why we are chosen by the best in the business for real technical support.

Claudio Corti's HSBK Aprilia RSV4RF, equipped with Pulse P2 lithium motorcycle battery