March 05, 2017

TOBC Racing Yamaha


Full Spectrum Power is a Technical Partner to TOBC Racing Yamaha. We supply them with lithium motorcycle batteries, chargers, and related wiring. The R1 is unique among current liter bikes, in that it really only requires around 100 cranking amps to start. 

Danny Eslick's TOBC Racing Yamaha R1 uses a Pulse lithium motorcycle battery

The latest generation of Yamaha's R1 superbike has a very efficient starter. This allows a very high compression engine to start using a very small battery. Really, it is quite remarkable.

Along with it's MOSFET regulator/rectifier, the R1 is an easy starter, and when used with a lithium motorcycle battery, provides very stiff and stable voltage, under all conditions. That isnt the whole story, however.

The TOBC Racing Yamaha crew prepares for the day of MotoAmerica Racing.

We have seen some teams using the smallest possible battery- like our Pulse P1. Yes, the P1 can start the new R1. Yes, it is the lightest possible battery available. In our opinion, it is not the best choice for this bike. We like to provide a bit of overhead in case something goes wrong. For racers, this means that downloading your data, or making map changes might just drain your battery if you take a long time. For street riders, you would need to be very careful about not leaving your headlights on, or leaving the key on and walking away. These things become much more important as you use the smaller battery.

Danny Eslick wins at VIR with TOBC Racing Yamaha R1 and Full Spectrum Power Pulse lithium motorcycle battery

Now, results like these speak for themselves.