P.Motive 2K 16v

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Justin B

One of the best batteries I’ve ever owned. Makes quick work of my 15:1 ls and everything just runs smoother. Highly recommend

John Budakowski
2K power

Excellent battery very reliable. I have three of them one in each race of the race cars. Three years and going strong ! 🙏

RACEWires/Troy Baum
The Hulk

This battery is the Incredible Hulk of all batteries and we have the shop cars and data to prove it. After testing and using all other leading brand batteries, the FSP 2K IS THE CHAMP!

Matt Brobston
The last battery you'll ever need

These batteries are fantastic. Lightest battery i've ever worked with. No more slow cranking this battery zings our 2jz over very quickly. Our car was built for no prep and drag n drive and were able to run a 16v alternator on this battery with no problem. Overall very satisfied.

This is the world's best drag race battery. With more than 2000 cranking amps and over 30 hours of measured capacity (over 15v), this is the most powerful performance battery available, at any cost.

Are you racing a nitrous pro-mod or no-prep car with 4, 5, or 6 kits? No problem- this battery will barely notice the 300 amp draw from the solenoids during your run.

Quick recharge times are another feature that makes your life easier at the track. This battery can easily handle a 20a charge from a compatible charger.

The P.Motive batteries are built in our Virginia facility, with us knowing full well how important quality is to you, our friends and customers. We are here to answer your questions and offer our advice, so please contact us to discuss your battery needs.

All P.Motive 16v batteries have the following features:

*Advanced Case Design- Lighter and stronger than our previous case, it rejects heat, vibration, gas and oil.

*Advanced Cell Design- We designed the P.Motive cells to cope with the demands of motorsports. Every component of our cells were designed and optimized for motorsports, based on a decade of experience building engine start batteries. These are only available from Full Spectrum Power.

* V Direct Multi Terminal - Our solid copper terminals have 8 threaded mount holes. Attach your accessory wires without having to use long screws on one small terminal.

* V Sleeve Silicon Terminal Covers - Color coded for polarity, our silicon terminal covers protect against short circuits.

If you choose to add a charger, it will be the Optimate LFP Select for 13.2v & 16.4v batteries.


Additional Information

Model P.Motive 2K 16v
Weight 15.1lb / 6850g
Dimensions (metric) 206 x 172 x 184mm
Dimensions (standard) 8.1 x 6.8 x 7.2in

2000ca / 32ah