Full Spectrum Lightweight Lithium Motorcycle Battery Technology

Not all lightweight batteries are created equal

All lithium motorcycle batteries use the same parts, right? No- not at all. Full Spectrum Power lightweight batteries are built using nothing but the best components available. In fact, we are so sure that our batteries are the best, that we are willing to show you exactly what goes in to each and every Pulse battery. In this case, you can judge a book by its cover. Don’t take our word for it. We don’t hide what’s inside. Consider this cutaway diagram to see what goes into every Pulse battery.

The Difference is Clear, From Design to Delivery

Valox Case

Our Pulse battery case is based on Valox—a long fiber strand resin used in high stress applications Resistant to high temperatures, fires, and...bullets, this case will stand up to those unfortunate instances where shock of impact is unavoidable. Brains, beauty, and brawn combine in this USA-manufactured casing.

A123 Systems Cells

In some cases, recycling isn’t a good thing. The heart of any product deserves the best, and for us, the choice was simple: A123 Systems. We use A123 Systems cells exclusively in our lightweight batteries. They are the lightest, safest, and most powerful lithium cells available, making them the perfect selection for our Pulse batteries. Other lightweight battery companies sacrifice quality, or use inferior copies or recycled cells in their batteries.

Integrated Protection Circuit

We’ve just built a superior product, using advanced technology, designed with the finish in mind. Protecting it- and your vehicle- seems the obvious inclination. Yet we’re the only battery company that offers any protection element. We designed a small, light, and durable Integrated Protection Circuit that shields the components- and your vehicle- from a short circuit and forced discharge. Because some options aren’t optional.

Brass Terminals

We know our own strength. Our solid brass terminals are designed and manufactured to prevent stripping, unlike other companies which use off-the-shelf parts that can strip in the casing from as little as 9ft lbs of tightening force. These are the only battery terminals that offer a positive cable locking mechanism, ensuring that the leads will never vibrate loose.

UNDOT Approved

In addition to being tested and used by World Champions like Kenan Sofouglu, <link> we have put all of our lightweight batteries through stringent UNDOT 38.3 Testing and Certification. This means that our products are in a safety classification which other manufacturers don’t feel is necessary. We disagree, and want our products to be as safe as they are powerful. More to the point, this also means that our products are proven safe to use in your vehicle. The UNDOT certification also means that our batteries can be safely and legally shipped around the world without Hazardous Materials or Class 9 markings.

Wiring and Connectors

We’re All-American. We use oxygen-free wire and pure metal inter-connects, made in the USA. No other lightweight battery company uses American-made cable and wire...and Asia-sourced wire just doesn’t compete.