February 21, 2019

Yes, we can build a custom lithium battery for you. We know that that you might have a need for something that you cant seem to find anywhere. Let's face it- very few companies have the capabilities, experience, or resources to build custom race batteries.
This capability is at the core of what we do at FSP.

Custom lithium race battery

We have the resources here to conceive, design, test, and manufacture pretty much anything you want in the motorsport battery realm. We have existing designs and decades of data, that cover so many applications, that there is generally a combination of parts in our inventory that could be combined to make something special for your effort.

Factory P.7GP and harness

We also stock an assortment of Autosport connectors and related wire accessories. Do you need a surface mount Autosport Mil-Spec connector on an enclosed case? We can do that. In fact, we have a number of size options with this sort of configuration.

P.1GP with integrated fuse

We can also build these custom parts with integrated fuseholders, circuit breakers or other required accessories, like the battery shown above. That battery lives in a MotoGP bike.

Our prototype facility in Virginia is equipped with a full machine shop and 3D printing capabilities. This gives us tremendous flexibility and quick response times when building non-production based products.

Full Spectrum Power custom battery machine shop

The best part of this process is moving from the prototype to production phase. This battery below was designed for Kalex Racing. Once we finalized the design, and certified the parts, we then created the finishing details. We include a sticker with the pin-outs clearly labeled, a customer supplied SKU, and other relevant information. This battery is every bit as reliable as the rest of our production parts, and looks 'client ready' as well.

Kalex battery

These pictures are a small sample of the custom work that we have done- but it should give you a good idea of what is possible.

With more than 40 different combinations of size and power, there is usually a good option with our off the shelf Pulse IPT batteries. If you cant find something that does fit your project- let us know.