February 04, 2020

Follow Friday: 2020 King of The Hammers UTV Racer — Kyle Chaney

Professional Can-Am Racer Kyle Chaney competed in arguably one of the toughest races in the motorsport industry — The 2020 King of the Hammers UTV Race in Johnson Valley, Calif. Chaney and his co-driver Scott Lawrence placed second rounding out a podium full of Can-Am racers.

Only 33 of 131 entries completed the 143-mile course 
Domination: Can-Am Sweeps 8 out of the top 10 finishers at the race.

Flipping into Trouble

At one point in the race Chaney and Lawrence flipped their vehicle over creating a monstrous challenge in the competition.

I’m following hunter up a rock hill and I’m right behind his bumper because the dust was so bad. The next thing I know we’re on our side. Scott and I crawl out of the car and we attempt to flip it back over. The car is tipped down hill so we are fighting gravity. We try and try with no luck. Then Scott says grab the Pro Eage co2 jack.  I start digging under the cage and wedge the jack between the ground and cage. That got the car at least 12” off the ground and we were able to push it back onto it’s wheels, and at that moment I knew we messed up bad. The car started rolling backwards down the hill. I forgot to put it in park. I knew if I did not get it slowed down or stopped it was going to flip down the mountain. I did everything in my power to get in to get the brake peddle or park lever, but my attempt failed and by that point it was too late. The car had caught me and threw me like a rag doll. I was lucky enough to slow it down and it made a slight turn and stopped sideways in the track.


 The Spirit of Competition


Chaney continued to roll through the accident but not without some struggle, 

When I went to stand I felt just rock on the bottom of my feet. Both my shoes were gone. Scott threw me one and the other one was close enough to grab. I went to put my right shoe on and couldn’t because two of my toes were sticking out the top of my shoe. I quickly pushed them back straight and got both shoes on. I tried to get up and run to the car but I could hardly stand. I scooted to the car and got in.  The crash had blown the power steering. I had to drive to the bottom of mountain to get turned around and came back up to get Scott and try to fix the power steering. After a few minutes he finally found it was a blown fuse. Of course we had none, so we cut a wire out of our helmet pumper and he jumped the fuse to get it working. We got back on track and had a few miles left to pit 2a. We got to the pit and they gave us fuel and rear gear oil. At that time we had lost 20 minutes and I knew I had to drive flawless through the rocks to even have a chance to podium.

Tenacity, grit and humility continued to drive the Chaney and Lawrence team through to the finish. Making up time and eventually — placing second.

We hit our marks and blitzed through some of the toughest rock sections known to man. By the time we roll into Hammertown to see the checkered flag we were able to make up 17minutes in under 30 miles, but we fell under 2min 46 sec short of the win.

The 2020 King Of The Hammers UTV Race Results


Chaney thanks his team and all the people (and their teams) that support him. Full Spectrum Power is a proud supporter of Chaney Racing. For more information on Kyle Chaney and his racing journey please visit his website here.