July 19, 2017

Over the last seven years, we have supported a number of KTM Factory teams, as well as the KTM Orange Brigade. The progress that KTM has made during that time has been amazing.

In fact, KTM was the first major manufacturer to offer a motorcycle with a lithium battery from the factory. 
Still, stock parts have performance limitations, and the stock Samsung lithium battery is no exception. Most of the professional race teams replace the stock battery as part of their race prep. The picture below is our Pulse P1 in Ryan Dungey's 450.

As you can see in the above pic, Ryan's bike is not using a stock battery tray.

Unfortunately, the Samsung battery used in the 2016 and newer 250 and 450 SX series bikes- as well as their Husky clones- is significantly smaller than any replacement battery on the market. This presents a problem when trying to upgrade to a quality battery, as the stock battery tray only allows for the stock battery size- without cutting.

KTM 450 SX battery


Well, we have a simple no-cut solution for this. And, it only requires that you get a part from KTM which should cost around $20.

The 2016 and newer KTM 450 EXC uses a battery tray with room for our P1 or P2 battery (or similar size) without cutting.

Pulse P1 battery in KTM 450 SX

 This battery tray is a direct bolt in replacement available at any KTM dealer or online OEM parts supplier for around $20.

Part number: 79011055100

You wont need to change any other parts, wires, or alter any of the electronics to use a bigger battery- only the battery tray.